Arts and Health Research Cluster

The Arts and Health research cluster was formed by researchers interested in the relationship and interaction between arts and health. The cluster aims to create a hub for networking and collaboration between academics and practitioners in this field, facilitate collaborative research between arts and health disciplines and to promoted and develop interdisciplinary research between humanities and STEM experts. The cluster welcomes a diverse array of theoretical perspectives and research methodologies. To date there are 30+ members, from a diverse range of academic disciplines including music, dance, medicine, nursing and midwifery, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, visual art, law, music therapy, contemporary dance, traditional dance, sociology, theology and history as well as service user representatives. To join the group or find out more please contact the Chair of the Arts and Health Research Cluster, Dr Hilary Moss at

The group aims to:

  • Bring together an interested body of researchers, from a wide variety of disciplines, to share research interests in arts, health and humanities
  • Facilitate trans-disciplinary research partnerships and research groups within UL and potential cross-departmental funding applications.
  • Embed arts and health  research at UL
  • Connect the UL arts and health research group to the national and international field of research and practice

Terms of reference

The group will be open to all research methodologies, actively encouraging artistic output as well as research activity.

The group will keep person-centred care at the centre of their work and remit. Service user representatives will be sought to participate in the research group.

The research cluster will be grounded in faculty teaching and learning in the arena of arts, health and humanities.


Arts; health; well-being; arts and health; arts therapies; medical humanities; health humanities; narratives; narrative medicine; well-being.