Alec Brown

10257062_10152490786398117_8359087567100904445_o-2Born in Arkansas in the United States, Alec has been a classically trained cellist for the past fifteen years and has performed in many symphonies over the past five years.  In 2007, he started playing the Irish whistle and went on to pick up the Irish flute six months later.  Having found a love for Irish music and culture, he moved to Limerick, Ireland to pursue a Master’s degree in Irish Traditional Music Performance on the flute at the University of Limerick in 2010. During his time in Limerick, he has had the opportunity to study under several masters of the Irish flute and to make music with some of the best musicians in the world.  He decided at the end of his term that he would like to enroll in the optional second year of the degree and to change his specialization from flute to cello. He used that time, learning from many different tutors on various traditional instruments, to learn how to further the role of cello in traditional Irish music. Since arriving in Ireland in 2010 he has had the opportunity to play with musicians such as: The Chieftains, De Dannan, Drs. Niall Keegan and Sandra Joyce, Teresa Horgan (The Full Set), and many more.  Along with performing with these musicians he has also performed for the American ambassador in Dublin, Daniel Pearl Music Days, the Interdependence Days Celebrations in Dublin Castle, and the TomCat Street Festival in Limerick.   He has also had the opportunity to perform in various mixed-music ensembles around the country, most notably his singer/song-writer band Sean’s Walk, which has supported many top Indie artists in Ireland.  After a year-long break filled with teaching and playing music in Limerick, he is now pursuing an Arts-Practice PhD which is continuing with his second-year MA focus of expanding the role of the cello within Irish traditional music.

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