Arts and Health Research Cluster


The Arts and Health research cluster is interested in the interaction and relationship between arts, health and well-being. The group was formed as a result of individual research interests concerned with the interplay between arts, health and well-being. We wish to draw on these interests to create a hub for networking and collaboration between academics and practitioners in this field. 
The cluster aims to facilitate collaborative research between arts and health disciplines. We welcome a diverse array of theoretical perspectives and research methodologies and have a particular interest in promoting and developing interdisciplinary research between humanities and STEM experts. 
This is a new research cluster, bringing together a number of academics, practitioners and service users already engaged in arts and health related research and seeking new members interested in this field.  The cluster is led by Dr Hilary Moss and is hosted by the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.
The group aims to:
·         Bring together an interested body of researchers, from a wide variety of disciplines, to share research interests in arts, health and humanities
·         Facilitate trans-disciplinary research partnerships and research groups within UL and potential cross-departmental funding applications
·         Embed arts, health and humanities research at UL
·         Connect the UL/LSAD/LIT arts and health research group to the national and international field of research and practice

Terms of Reference

The research cluster will be open to any academics interested in arts, health and humanities research. 
The group will be open to all research methodologies, actively encouraging artistic output as well as research activity.  
The group will keep person-centred care at the centre of their work and remit. Service user representatives will be actively sought to participate in the research group.

The research cluster will be grounded in faculty teaching and learning in the arena of arts, health and humanities.        

The term ‘Arts’ refers to all art forms as defined by The Arts Council of Ireland (2006).

The term ‘Health’ draws on the World Health Organisation definition of health as ‘a complete state of physical, mental and societal well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ (WHO 1946). The term ‘health’ is intended as a broad term, concerned with all aspects of health that contribute to being an integrated social being.        


Arts; health; well-being; arts and health; arts therapies; medical humanities; health humanities; narratives; narrative medicine; well-being. 

Members (to enquire about joining the cluster please contact Hilary Moss).

Chair: Dr Hilary Moss                    

Aileen Dillane                                

Amanda Clifford                            

Anne MacFarlane                         

Ciara Breathnach                         

David Meagher                             

Deirdre Munro                              

Emma Fisher                               

Helen Phelan                               

Imelda Doolan                             

James O’Hare                             

Jane Kavanagh                           

Jason Noone                               

Jennifer McMahon                      

Jennifer Schweppe                     

Jennifer Stritch                           

Jessica O’Donoghue                  

Joanne Shanahan                      

Karol Mullaney-Dignam              

Kathleen Turner                          

Leonard O’Sullivan                     

Lisa McLoughlin                         

Mats Melin                                  

Matthew Herring                         

Michelle O’Donoghue                 

Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain                    

Roisin Cahalan                          

Sarah Hyde                               

Sinead Dinneen                        

Tracy Fahey                              

Triona McCaffrey                       

William O’Connor                       

Yianna Liatsos                           

Events 2017

The Arts and Health research cluster launch their group on 30th March 2017 at the Health Hub, Limerick. Free day of arts and health events led by researchers in this field. For more information contact or

Date for the diary!

Wednesday 27th September 2017: Arts and Health Research event at the Irish World Academy of  Music and Dance 1.15 – 530pm. More details:


The Claw by Artist and Painter Jo Killalee. This artwork was completed at Tallaght Hospital as part of an art programme for people living with rheumatoid arthritis. Killalee used her xray of her damaged hand to create this beautiful artwork.




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