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Professor Jane Edwards is Director of the Music & Health Research Group. and Course Director of the MA in Music Therapy at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. She is a Governor of the University of Limerick, and is the Guest Professor in Music Therapy at the University of the Arts in Berlin
A Founding Member of the International Association for Music & Medicine she is currently serving as inaugural President of this distinguished body.

Professor Edwards has published extensively in the field of music therapy research She is European Editor for the online journal Voices ( She was formerly a reviewer and assistant editor for the Australian Journal of Music Therapy. She served on the editorial board of the American journal Music Therapy Perspectives for many years. Currently she is on the editorial boards for The Arts in Psychotherapy (Elsevier), Music & Medicine (SAGE) and the Journal of Music Therapy published by the American Music Therapy Association.

Professor Edwards has presented her work in many countries around the world including her original home in Australia, and at conferences, seminars, hospitals and universities in a number of countries including, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, USA, England, Denmark, Germany and Finland.

Initially Professor Edwards specialised in the field of mental health, including acute in-patient care and work with people who have dementia. She then developed a specialist role for music therapy work with children receiving care in a hospital. Currently she is undertaking research in the areas of music therapy development work and music therapy for parents and infants at-risk.

Published Books

Edwards, J. (2011) (Ed). Music therapy and parent-infant bonding. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Edwards, J. (2007)(Ed). Music: Promoting health and creating community in healthcare contexts. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishers.

Edited books in progress
Edwards, J. (invited, contracts returned). Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [72 chapters]

Scholarly publications since 2005
Edwards, J. (2011). A music and health perspective on music’s perceived “goodness”. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 20(1), 90-101

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change for people receiving hospital care. Chapter 9 in Carole-Lynne Le Navenec &
Laurel Bridges (Eds.). Creating connections between nursing care and creative arts
therapies. Springfield: Charles C Thomas.

Contact Details:

Professor Jane Edwards,
Room No: IW2.12
Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
University of Limerick,
Limerick, Ireland.

tel: +353-61-213122
fax: +353-61-202589

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