Femke van der Kooij


Femke van der Kooij is a performer of various styles of world and early music repertoires, including Gregorian chant, medieval polyphony, American gospel and Negro spiritual, African traditional song, western Art Song, choral music, contemporary and post modern vocal music, and Latin American repertoire. She is a graduate of the BA in Voice and Dance, and the MA in Ritual Chant and Song, from the University of Limerick. During her studies there, she carried out ethnomusicological field work on the subject of vocal improvisation in Ghana, and during the course of her career, she has sung with several ensembles, including Hibernia, an ensemble focused on new interpretations of Gregorian chant, Elikya, an African Gospel group, Terirem, an Eastern orthodox chant choir, Sonas, the University Of Limerick Global choir, Lucinarium  and the Irish Chamber Orchestra Chorus. She is currently singing with Sionna, and Cantoral, and teaches vocal technique, aiming for vocal flexibility and economy.

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