Hazelwell in Concert, Tuesday October 8th

hazelwellTuesday October 8th, Tower Theatre, Irish World Academy, 1.15 pm

Hazelwell (Sandra Joyce, Róisín Ní Galloglaigh & Joanna Hyde)

Hazelwell is new female vocal ensemble with a focus on Irish traditional repertoire, as well as repertoires from related traditions such as Scottish and American (particularly Appalachian and Americana). Its repertoire and focus is influenced by the diverse musical backgrounds of its members: Sandra Joyce, Joanna Hyde and Róisín Galloglaigh. At its heart, Hazelwell is an a capella group, although it is open to experimenting with instruments played by its members, as well as with guest musicians. Its arrangements are influence by many musical genres, including Scandinavian traditional song and classical music. Its roots and its repertoire are strongly in traditional song, but is open to exploring diverse sounds, influences and ideas. Admission is free and all are welcome.

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