Jazmin Chiodi

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Jazmin Chiodi was born in Argentina in 1976 and graduated at Buenos Aires’ prestigious Taller de Danza San Martin in 1996. She performed with various Argentinean choreographers

including Mariana Bellotto and Susana Szperling, and also took part in the organisation of dance workshops and festivals. Awarded an Antorcha Foundation bursary, she moved to France between 2001 and 2005, redefining her dance with some of the most prominent pedagogues and teachers such as Pina Bausch, Trisha Brown, Mathilde Monnier, Carlotta Ikeda, Michelle Anne de Mey, Susan Buirge, Julyan Hamilton. In 2006 she moved to Ireland, where she pursued her career as a performer, and got more and more involved in dance teaching. Jazmin’s work in Europe included the following Companies and Choreographers:

_ Mathilde Monnier (National Choreographic Centre in Montpellier, France)

_ Fabrice Ramalingom, La Camionetta

_ Patrice Barthes Co.

_ Rex Levitates (now Liz Roche Company)

_ Dance Theatre of Ireland

Jazmin’s contribution to Iseli-Chiodi’s creative work is centred on her ability to visualise and organise choreographic or theatrical situations that incentive dancers to generate materials collectively. It also lies in her interest to play and experiment with the scenic and dramaturgic impact of different sound environments.

In 2008 Jazmin Chiodi was appointed resident Artist at Tipperary Dance Residency, where she developed the Residency’s comprehensive programme in collaboration with Alexandre Iseli. On this base, they founded together Tipperary Dance Platform that will live its 5th edition in 2014. Jazmin is currently undertaking the MA Festival Arts at the University of Limerick.

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