MA Community Music

Programme Outline

Autumn Semester

Community Music in Context

This module introduces students to history, foundations and principles of community music through current and historical case studies. The focus will include gender/cultural and political issues in a range of community contexts. There will be emphasis on case studies in the Irish situation. In this module, students will participate in site visits as well as lectures and tutorials.

Community Music Skills I

In this module, students will begin to develop the observation, evaluation, communication and teaching techniques and skills necessary for work in community music. While the student’s musical competencies are assumed, this course provides further musical work in ensemble skills. Areas to be addressed include song teaching, basic conducting, harmony, composition, arranging, improvisation and songwriting.

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance Elective I

This module offers students the opportunity to pursue self-directed learning of an academic or performance-based project, under the guidance of the course director and an elective supervisor. The student may wish to use the elective to pursue more specialised study in his / her area of specialisation, or to access the other areas of expertise available at the centre (these currently include Ethnomusicology, Ethnochoreology, Music Education, Community Music, Chant, Ritual Studies, Music Therapy, Irish Traditional Music, Classical String Performance, Irish Traditional Dance Performance, Contemporary Dance Performance and other specialist research interests of faculty and doctoral researchers at the centre).

Spring Semester

Community Music Skills – II

This module consolidates and develops the repertoire and ensemble skills addressed in the first module. Practical ensemble experiences and coaching will supplement tutorials, lectures and demonstrations.

Community Music Project

In this module, students will develop techniques and skills to implement and oversee successful programs. Attention will be directed to the overall scope and sequencing of a project from beginning to end. Content will focus on determining scope and materials appropriate to and desired by a given community, planning and evaluating workshops, structuring residencies and groupwork, financial planning, entrepreneurial thinking, fund-raising, using resources and networks, evaluating and writing up project summaries.

Elective II

This module offers the opportunities presented under ‘Irish World Academy of Music and Dance Elective 1’

Summer Semester

Final Presentation

The final presentation involves the final performance / submission / combination of both, offered by the student as the culmination of his/her work during the course of the programme. The presentation is designed in consultation with the course director.

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