MA Contemporary Dance Performance

Programme Outline

Dance Skills for Performance, Practicum: Dance Performance Repertoire and The Writing and the Documentation of Arts Practice are part of the programme syllabus for both semester 1 and 2.


Dance Skills for Performance 1 and 2 (DA 6031 / DA 6022)

Intensive study and practice of contemporary dance and somatic techniques offering each student the opportunity to develop, through practice and reflection, a deeper physical and conceptual understanding of the principles which underpin these techniques and their application to contemporary dance performance. Techniques studied in this module include, Contemporary Dance techniques, improvisation, ballet, yoga and somatic training techniques. In addition students will be will be introduced to and engage with develop writing skills as central element of their technique training.


Practicum: Dance Performance Repertoire 1 and 2 (DA5141 / DA5142)

The module offers the opportunity for engagement with all aspects of choreographic process. It provides students with the opportunity to be involved in the creation of a number of choreographic and performance projects, both solo and ensemble, devised specifically for the students by the course director and guest choreographers. A different choreographer directs each performance project; as a result, students can be supported to experience and a number of different approaches to devising and performing original choreographic works. Students are also tutored and supported to work alone to develop and their own original solo choreography.


Writing and the Documentation of Arts Practice 1 and 2 (MD 6071 / MD 6072)

This programme of study is to explore ways of documenting practice, with a focus on documentation through writing. Specifically, the module explores two central questions:

  • How can we document and represent what we do as performers?
  • What is the value of doing so?

 The programme of study will explore forms of documentation emerging from:

  • Personal memory data
  • Self observation + reflection
  • Collection of data from external sources


Additional Modules for Semester One

  • Media Technologies for Performing Arts and Arts Research (MD 6031)

This module provides an introduction into current media technologies as they are used in the fields of performing arts, creative arts therapies, and arts research.

  • Introduction to Somatics 1 (MD 6061)

Somatic activities help in promoting a healthy and mindful approach to movement. The development of an integrated mind/body approach enables students to move with greater efficiency and will minimize their risk of injury.

  • Elective Bundle

Students choose from one of the following options  (their schedule permitting)

  • Colloquium 1 (MD 6111)
  • Professional Development for the Performing Arts (MD 6091)
  • Interdisciplinary Improvisation (MD 6101)
  • Introduction to Fieldwork Techniques (MD 6021)
  • Independent Study 1 (MD 6051)

Additional Modules for Semester Two

  • Choreography for Camera (MD 6082)

Students will be introduced to the range of aesthetic and technical approaches to choreography-for-camera through analysis of key representative works in this field of practice.

  • Critical Contexts for Arts Management and Cultural Policy (MD 6062)

This module invites the students to engage in critical contexts for arts management and dialogue on current cultural policies. This module is lead by the MA in Festive Arts.

  • Elective Bundle

Students choose from one of the following options (their schedule permitting)

  • Introduction to Somatics 2 (MD 6092)
  • Colloquium 2 (MD 6102)
  • Broading through Awareness, Activism and the Arts (BR 5001)
  • Independent Study 2 (MD 6052)


Final Presentation (MD 5522)

Part (1)

For the final performance exam the students perform a programme of ensemble and solo choreographies that have been created throughout the year under the direction of guest choreographers and the Course Director. This exam takes place at the end of the second Semester.

Part (2) Semester Three

Students will be required to undertake a self-directed performance research project during the third semester. Students have the opportunity for choose from a number of options in designing their project. The options include choreography-for-camera or live solo performance with the support of a written document.

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