MA Ethnochoreology

Programme Outline

Autumn Semester

DA5002: Methods in Ethnochoreology

In this module, students study the techniques and methods associated with ethnochoreological research. The course includes relevant classes in ethnographic and fieldwork methods and ethics; Labanotation is taught as a movement documentation tool. Students are expected to compile a relevant portfolio of class assignments and to apply these techniques to an independent research project.

MD5501: IWAMD Autumn Elective

This module offers students the opportunity to pursue self-directed learning of an academic or performance-based project, under the guidance of the course director and an elective supervisor. The student may wish to use the elective to pursue more specialised study in his/her area of specialisation, or to access the other areas of expertise available at the academy. These currently include Ethnomusicology, Irish Traditional Dance Performance, Contemporary Dance Performance, Irish Traditional Music Performance, Chant Performance, Classical String Performance, Music Therapy, Music Education, Music Technology, Ritual Studies, Community Music and other specialist research interests of faculty and doctoral researchers at the academy.

Spring Semester

DA5031: History of Irish Traditional Dance

In this module, students study the history, theory and practice of Irish traditional dance practices; the development of individual dance genres; analysis of characteristic dance forms; aspects of repertoire and style; the development of specific performance contexts with special reference to patronage and aesthetic interest; the body; relevant literature and audio-visual dance material. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in relevant dance workshops.

DA5022: World Dance Survey

In this module, students study selected world dance cultures. In particular, students are introduced to dance practices of Europe, Asia, Africa, Polynesia and Australia. Students develop a critical and reflexive appreciation of cultural conceptualisations of world dance or movement systems; ethno-aesthetic and ethno-semantic systems; cultural contexts; and issues of gender and the body.

DA5512: IWAMD Spring Elective

This module offers the opportunities presented under IWAMD Autumn Elective.

MD5522: Final Presentation

The final presentation involves the final submission – academic, performance or combination of both, offered by the student as the culmination of his/her work during the course of the programme. The presentation is designed in consultation with the course director and is weighted at nine credits.

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