MA Ethnomusicology – Testimonial

“The ethnomusicology course is a hands on learning experience with ample topics of discussion. We are exposed to vast musical cultures, and often work with the ethnochoreology students to fuse dance and music together to create a more holistic idea of the cultures we are studying. By participating in this course, my eyes and mind were opened to a whole new way of observing musical traditions. New questions were forming, and a new sense of wanting to participate musically with others was ignited. The faculty were extremely knowledgeable and provided very hands on learning opportunities.

In conjunction with the ethnomusicology course, studying at the Irish World Academy was absolutely amazing! The vast opportunities that were available between the lunch time concerts, evening performances, guest speakers and round table discussions allowed exploration into many different avenues of music and ethnomusicology. Anyone wanting to study  here would not be disappointed.

The most positive attribute of the academy is the warm welcome to various styles of musical performance, whether from students, faculty or guest artists. Irish music is definitely a strong foundation at the academy, but all genres are welcome.

I am originally from a music education background, and my goal by taking this course was to bring a more ethnographic view of world music into a classroom. This has come to fruition as I have given a guest lecture about my time in Ireland, and as I am currently a substitute teacher I have been sharing world music in various classrooms with a much different viewpoint.”

Cody Robinson

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