MA Ethnomusicology

Programme of Study

The Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology is a one year, full-time, programme. It consists of six modules that comprise lectures, seminars, tutorials and practicals. These are divided equally between Autumn and Spring semesters. In addition, a substantial Final Project presentation will be prepared for submission late in August. This may take the form of a 15,000 – 20,000 word thesis or combination of performance and a shorter written component.

Founded together with the Master of Arts Degree in Ethnochoreology, the two programmes interact frequently in both practical and theoretical modes. Workshops in selected idioms of world dance and music and visiting lecturers are often shared. Ethnomusicology students with an interest in dance are encouraged to participate in an Erasmus Intensive Program in ethnochoreology held at the Norwegian University of Science in Trondheim.

Interaction with the MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance is also a prominent feature of ethnomusicology study in the Irish World Academy. During the autumn semester module in the Processes of Change in Irish Traditional Music students, whether novices or advanced in their Irish music skills, are encouraged to work with its outstanding tutors. The  MA in Ritual Chant and Song programme  offers students a chance to experience world song traditions. During the spring semester, students often use the elective course option to continue their practical studies.

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