MA Festive Arts

Autumn Semester

MU5081: Local and Global Festivity (12 ECTS)

This module introduces students to the study of festive arts through a cross-cultural investigation of festivals based on case studies of specific local, national and international festivals focusing on questions of differences and similarities across time and space; cultural constructs of celebration; festival organisation; varieties of festival design and dynamic; festivals as reflective and / or transformative of their social and cultural contexts.

MU5091:Research and Discovery (12 ECTS)

This module introduces students to appropriate methods for studying public, religious, domestic and civic festivity with particular emphasis on performative aspects of festival activities through an exploration of how people understand and narrate their participation in festivity; how scholars access, utilise and present research on celebrating events; how we listen, see, interview, participate, observe and document festivity through notes, photos, videos, archives and public documents; how we analysis and synthesise; how we engage with research in an ethically responsible manner.

 MU5231: Festival Management (6 ECTS)

This module provides students with a foundation in the issues surrounding festival management and sustainability, covering a range of topics including artistic programming, events management, marketing, feasibility, public relations, media, finance, security, local authorities, health and safety and audience development.

Spring Semester

MU5082: Culture and Performance

This module explores cultural and performative dimensions of festival, contextualising it within a broad range of disciplines including performance studies, cultural studies, ritual studies, material culture studies, ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology with reference to how scholars, producers, directors, managers and artists reflect on the social and physical embodiment of festivity; through an exploration of celebration, commemoration, passage-marking and other kinds of cultural and religious performances, as well as reflections on festival roles, settings, objects, audiences, performers and productions.

MU5092: Programming and Production

This module provide practical experience of festival programming and production through an internship with a local, national or international festival; the student will begin the process of identifying and selecting a suitable festival site in advance of the commencement of the internship in consultation with the course director and the festival artistic director and will be expected to fulfil an internship programme which provides experience of artistic programming and curatorship; design and production; marketing and audience participation, as well as performance aspects of the festival events.

MD5512: Irish World Academy Spring Elective

This module offers students the opportunity to pursue self-directed learning of an academic or performance-based project, under the guidance of the course director and an elective supervisor. The student may wish to use the elective to pursue more specialised study in his / her area of study, or to access the other areas of expertise available at the centre. These currently include Ethnomusicology, Ethnochoreology, Music Education, Community Music, Music Therapy, Irish Traditional Music and Dance Performance, Contemporary Dance Performance and other specialist research interests of faculty and doctoral researchers at the Academy.

MD5522:Final Presentation

This final presentation format will be developed in consultation with the programme course director. It can take the form of a research paper, a curatorial/production project with written component, or a performance with a written component. The presentation format will be designed in consultation with the course director and relevant tutors

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