MA Music Therapy

Programme Outline

Year 1

Clinical Orientation – Autumn

This module is focused on the development of clinical music improvisation skills, observational skills, assessment, goals, and treatment planning.

Arts in Health – Autumn 

Throughout history music as well as other arts-based therapies, has been used in rituals, healing practices, cultural symbolism, entertainment and as an everyday personal resource.  The course provides a rich foundation of theoretical knowledge on which to vase a developing understanding of the role of music therapy in healthcare practice in society today.

Arts-Informed Research – 1 – Autumn

This course is an introduction to research in the context of music therapy as an arts-dependent practice and covers arts-based research methodology, the research process, skill-development in critical thinking, and research scholarship including writing, presenting and/or discussing research outcomes and current issues in research

Music Therapy Practice 1 – Winter

This module develops clinical and theoretical knowledge in the area of developmental theory (sociological and psychological) through the lifespan. Clinical approaches and interventions in vulnerable populations are introduced.  It further develops clinical music skills in keyboard and vocal improvisation, music writing and group work.

Electives – Autumn and Winter

In each of the first two semesters, students choose from an array of 3 credit courses in which to explore arts-based practices beyond the clinical context.

Music Therapy Fieldwork Practice 1   Autumn

This is a 20 week placement over two semesters that provides the student with the opportunity to develop skills in providing weekly regular clinical work alongside a qualified music therapy supervisor.

Year 2

Music Therapy Project 1 – Autumn

Students deepen their knowledge of research methods and traditions, examine issues in research design, data collection methods and data evaluation while developing their own research idea through to ethical clearance.

Music Therapy Practice 2 – Autumn

This module focues on psychodynamic and psychosocial approaches within music therapy practice.  Adult mental health disorders in major diagnostic areas such as schizophrenia, depression and bi-polar disorders will be covered.

Music Therapy Fieldwork Practice 2 –  Autumn

A continuation of Music Therapy Fieldwork Practice 1

Music Therapy Fieldwork Practice 3 – Winter

Students develop an independent program of clinical work at an approved site two days per week.  External supervision by a qualified music therapist is provided.

Music Therapy Final Project – Winter

Students develop their research project topic, or project, in consultation with the course director and undertake all steps to see the project through to its implementation and final documentation.

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