Programme of Study

The MA Ritual Chant & Song is a one year, full-time postgraduate programme of study. Students may be permitted to extend their study over a second full-time year subject to available places, the agreement of the course director and the director of the Irish World Academy.

Areas of study include the repertoire and technical skills contained in the Ritual Chant and Song Practicum modules, along with materials, methods and context for Western chant. For a detailed list of modules on the MA, see the Programme Outline. In the first semester, students will also be provided with a solid foundation in ritual studies and ethnographic fieldwork, followed by an advanced ritual studies seminar in semester two. Students may choose to engage in an area of independent study, based on expertise available in another area of study at the Irish World Academy including:

  • Ethnochoreology
  • Irish Traditional Dance Performance
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Classical String Performance
  • Contemporary Dance Performance
  • Music Education
  • Music Therapy
  • Irish Traditional Music Performance

An independent study may be performance based or academic, and is selected in consultation with the course director. Students also interact with somatic practices, which contribute to the process of vocal development and awareness.

Final presentation module

The MA in Ritual Chant and Song culminates with a final presentation at the beginning of September each year. This involves one of three options, decided in consultation with the course director and based on a student’s entry audition and winter exam results: 1) a final performance recital 2) a full MA thesis submission (15,000-20,000 words), or 3) a 50%/50% combination of both modalities (7,500-10,000 words for the thesis portion). For more details on the final presentation, or for any other questions, please contact us.

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