BA Performing Arts
(World Music)

A Global View of Music

The BA Performing Arts (World Music) is a four-year, full-time undergraduate programme, open to students from all music backgrounds who wish to take a global view of music. Students taking this pathway study diverse music traditions from around the world, including the court music of Indonesia, popular musics of West Africa, classical musics of India, folk and Celtic musics of Europe, classical music of the Arab Middle East, and traditional musics of Canada and America.

The first year of the course is the common entry programme shared with all the pathways (Irish Music, Irish Dance, Contemporary Dance, Voice and World Music).  However you focus from the start of this first year is on your own performance practice and you will begin to learn to perform a range of world music styles, including Javanese gamelan, West African drumming and Indian classical music, and explore the histories and cultural contexts of these diverse global music practices. In addition, students taking the World Music pathway have the opportunity to develop their performance skills on their first instrument (including voice) and to deepen their academic knowledge of their ‘own’ music, be it traditional, popular or classical music.

World Class Teaching Staff and Facilities

The World Music pathway is taught by the Academy’s team of internationally renowned performers and scholars. Students also attend workshops, concerts and seminars presented by Irish and international visiting artists and academics. Lectures, ensemble classes, workshops, lessons and concerts take place in the Irish World Academy’s state-of-the-art studios, rehearsal rooms and performance spaces, and students have access to the Academy’s outstanding collection of world music instruments and cutting-edge music technology.Students taking the World Music pathway also share several core course modules with other students on the BA Performing Arts, including music theory, ethnomusicology, performance studies, ethnochoreology, and a range of vocational modules designed to prepare students for future careers.

New Artistic and Academic Horizons

In addition to their core modules, each year students choose from a large number of elective modules in dance and music, and other subjects outside of the performing arts. These elective modules offer students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience, and broaden their artistic and academic horizons. Elective options include a wide range of vocal and instrumental ensembles (from Academy choir to Irish traditional music ensemble), songwriting classes, lectures in country music, courses in choreography, North American percussive dance, Irish folklore and history, and various languages, including Irish.

Multiple Career Paths

The programme prepares students for many different career paths, including professional performance and teaching, further academic and performance studies, community arts practice, arts management and production, and various media roles.

Programme of Study

Year 1


Practicum A

Practicum C

Critical Encounters with Music and Dance





All Irish and EU applications (including mature applications) are processed by the CAO (  Applications from outside the European Union are processed by the international office of the University (

All enquiries in relation to admission of students should be addressed to:

Admissions Office

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Enquiries in relation to the course can be made to:

Dr. Niall Keegan

Director of Undergraduate Studies,

Room No: IW1.17,

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance,

University of Limerick,

Limerick, Ireland.

Tel: +353-61-202465





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Open Day 13th January 2018

The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance invites those interested in the following programmes to join us for our Open Day on January 13th!

BA Performing Arts (Irish Traditional Music)

BA Performing Arts (Irish Traditional Dance)

BA Performing Arts (Voice)

BA Performing Arts (Contemporary Dance)

BA Performing Arts (World Music)

Meet faculty, learn about our programmes, take part in dance and music workshops, and receive advice on applying and auditioning.

Tutors on the day will include Siobhan Peoples (Irish Traditional Music), Derek Hickey (Irish Traditional Music), Dr Niall Keegan (Irish Traditional Music), Blackie O’Connell (Irish Traditional Music), Anne Burke (Irish Traditional Dance), Michael Ryan (Irish Traditional Dance), Hannah Fahey (Voice), Jean McGlynn (Voice), Dr Jenny Roche (Contemporary Dance),  Dr Grant McClay (Contemporary Dance), Professor Mel Mercier (World Music) and John Nutkepor (World Music).


10.30am – Ballet class -IW2.25

12.15pm – Introduction to the BA Performing Arts – Tower Theatre

1.10pm – Lunchtime concert featuring staff and students at the Irish World Academy – Theatre One

2-3.30pm – Workshop One (across Academy)

4-5.30pm – Workshop Two (across Academy)

To book your place, please send an email to


Enquiries in relation to the course can be made to:

Dr. Niall Keegan

Director of Undergraduate Studies,

Room No: IW1.17,

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance,

University of Limerick,

Limerick, Ireland.

Tel: +353-61-202465