BA Performing Arts (LM026)
Audition Process for Entry in Academic Year 2022/2023
The Audition

The audition for the BA Performing Arts (LM026) at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick will be conducted either online or in person (the choice will be made by the applicant).  The online audition has two elements, a submitted performance video and a remote interview. The alternative face-to-face audition will take place on the weekend of the 26th and 27th March.  Applicants will be contacted, usually at the start of March by the University admissions department and invited to submit audition materials or given a time for a face-to-face audition.  The nature of the audition will reflect the requirements of one of the five pathways of the programme.  Audition requirements are as follows:

Pathway Audition Requirement
Voice 2 songs in any style / genre


Irish Music 3 sets of tunes and/or songs

If you are a melody instrumentalist one of the sets of tunes must be a set of reels.


World Music Play/sing two pieces of your own choosing


Contemporary Dance A dance solo in any movement style/genre, e.g. ballet, hip hop, contemporary, etc… (Max 2-3mins).


Irish Dance Competitive style – 3 pieces, one hard-shoe, one soft-shoe and one of your own choice in any style


Sean-nós – three pieces – one reel time percussive piece, one percussive piece in another rhythm, one of your own choice in any style


for the recordings, you should follow the following guidelines.

  • These must all be video recordings.
  • Any common file format will do but we would recommend .mp4
  • They do not have to be professional standard recordings, a mobile phone and a steady hand will do the job!
  • You may submit one or a number of recordings (for example, if you are a singer you may submit one video with the two required songs or two separate videos, one for each song)
  • The video may involve other performers but must focus on you. It is also completely acceptable for performances to be entirely solo.
  • If you are a musicians or singer, you must be able to be clearly heard (especially if other performers are involved).
  • If you are a dancer, the video must be a clear, full body recording.
  • We are aware that, in the current circumstances, it might prove difficult to record in an ideal setting, in particular for dancers, and this will be taken into account when the footage is reviewed. Last year we had auditions that were recorded in the kitchen, on the road and on the beach to name but a few!
  • When submitting your videos, please make sure that the title contains your first and family name, your CAO number and the pathway you are particularly interested in pursuing (e.g. JoBloggs21354256contdance.mp4).
  • If you wish, you can submit links to other performance materials in a separate file (word file or .pdf).
  • Files should be submitted to this link on or before March 25th , 2022.

Applicants will then be contacted by email to arrange a short interview in the following week.

The Interview

The interview will be a short, informal chat with a relevant academic member of staff here at the Irish World Academy.  We will conduct the interview over whatever interface you are used to using (Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime, Teams etc.) and as a last resort we could just do it over the phone.  In the interview we will discuss the following:

  • Your informal and formal music education (i.e. in school and out of school).
  • Your performance background in your prospective pathway or any other performing arts context.
  • Your interests more generally.
  • The structure of the BA Performing Arts and, in particular, the pathway you are most interested in following.
  • Your ambitions for the future and how the BA could play a part in fulfilling these for you.
  • This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have regarding the pathway you are interested in, the programme and University more generally.

The Admissions Department of the University will contact you with the results of your audition before the end of April. If you have any problems in this process, please email the course director,


If you have any question regarding an individual pathway you are interested in pursuing, please contact one of the pathway directors below:

Pathway Audition Requirement
Voice Dr. Hannah Fahey (
Irish Music Dr. Niall Keegan (
World Music Prof. Mel Mercier (
Contemporary Dance Dr. Grant McLay (
Irish Dance Dr. Breandan DeGallai (

If you are interested in more than one pathway, please contact the course director, and he will talk to you about how to submit appropriate materials and how the interview will be conducted.