As I Roved Out: Traditional Song Conference

As I Roved Out:

Traditional Songs, Singers and Collections of Britain, Ireland and Beyond

3rd – 5th June 2022.

Venue – Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick)

Jointly organised by The Traditional Song Forum & The Traditional Song as Cultural Heritage Research Cluster


The singing traditions of Britain and Ireland are richly intertwined. Songs, singers and collectors have travelled throughout the islands and beyond, uncovering a tapestry of tradition all the more rich and complex for their cultural interconnections. In the wake of Brexit and the pandemic, these connections are increasingly important as we learn to readjust and reconnect. This conference seeks to celebrate our shared song traditions and highlight those that make each culture unique.

We welcome papers from a broad spectrum of traditional song research, from all parts of Britain and Ireland, their diasporas and related genres.

Possible themes for presentations might include:

Intercultural song transmission

English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish song traditions

British and Irish song traditions in their diasporas

Collectors and singers across borders

Songs shared among different communities

Abstracts are invited for 20 min papers. This conference is intended to be held in-person (circumstances permitting) but it will also be live-streamed, and recorded. Papers given in person will be prioritised, but papers to be delivered online will be considered. Please indicate which format you intend to use when you submit your abstract. Please submit abstracts of up to 200 words to the email below by 1st November, 2021.

If you are interested in coming to this event, and wish to be kept informed of developments, please email to be put on the mailing list.



The Traditional Song Forum is a national organisation based in the UK that brings together those interested in the research, collecting and performance of traditional song.

The Traditional Song as Cultural Heritage Research Cluster is a group of song scholars/ performers at the Irish World Academy, focused on performance, preservation and transmission of traditional song in Ireland.