Welcome to Limerick! We've got lots of great things to do and try

All the meals for the conference will take place at The Pavilion, which is directly behind the conference venue.

Looking for other things to try? Here’s a sampling of what’s on offer in Limerick:

The Curragower: https://curragower.com 

Really excellent Irish food; some of the best chowder you’ll find, and nice atmosphere. Not too pricy, and it’s got a good location. 

Dolan’s Pub: https://www.dolans.ie/pub-limerick

Another great Irish cuisine spot. Dolan’s is a little out of the way, but their food is excellent, and they have one of the best Irish sessions in Limerick, on Saturday night from 9:00pm – Midnight. 

The Lock Bar: https://lockebar.com

The food is great, and their location is very central to the city. This place does tend to be very wild in the evenings, however, and is one of the more ‘tourist’ pubs in Limerick. They do live music most nights. 

Rossi’s: https://www.rossis.ie

Really nice Italian food, and good central location. 

The Spitjack: https://www.thespitjack.com 

Excellent food, mid-price range, and very central location. Known for its roast meats, but has a great menu. If you are booking in advance, make sure you book the Limerick location, as there is one in Cork as well. 

The Glen Tavern: https://www.glentavern.ie

Great food, and nice pub atmosphere; very reasonably priced. Not as close to the bus-stops as some of the others, but a fairly easy walk. (This is where the Monday afternoon session will be).

If you want something fancy: 

The Cornstore: https://cornstorelimerick.ie

Defintely on the pricy side, but excellent food and a nice atmosphere. 

No. One Pery Square: https://oneperysquare.com/food-and-wine/ 

One of the nicest places in Limerick. Pricy, but very good. 

The East Room: https://eastroom.ie

This one is on-campus, and one of the best restaurants in Limerick, but it is quite pricy. Definitely book in advance!