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Samhain Presentations of Research

November 23, 2020 at 9:00 am - November 26, 2020 at 5:00 pm

The Irish World Academy is home to over 40 postgraduate research students, the vast majority of whom engage in PhD research. Some researchers are completing projects with traditional, text-based outputs  while others are registered on the PhD in Arts Practice. While students on the PhD in Arts Practice produce text-based research outputs, their work specifically includes aspects of practice. The work of both groups of researchers reflects the whole range of expertise represented in the Academy and beyond. Once a year, the work of this exceptionally rich research community is showcased in a series known as Samhain.

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Links to each session will be sent on Friday the 20th of November 2020

Date Student Working Title of PhD
Monday 23rd of November
Session 1
2pm Kevin McNally The production of place through cross cultural music-making.
2.20pm Roxy Theobald Floetic Inner Lines: A Cultural Inquiry of a Diaspora Trajectory through Dance Performance.
2.40pm JJ Riordan Orchestrating the Sonic Banal: Utilising Computer Based Digital Audio Workstations (D.A.W.s) to Manipulate the Sounds of Everyday Objects, Places and Spaces to Compose Musical Works.
3pm John Nutekpor An Arts Practice Exploration of Ghanaian-Irish Cultural Dialogue,  through Music and Dance Pedagogy, Curation and Performance.
Tuesday 24th of November
Session 2
9.40am Ian O’Connor An Exploration of Current and Evolving Perceptions of Musical ‘Liveness’ within Competitive Irish Stepdance.
10am Morgan Senter Irish Set Dancing for Parkinson’s Disease: Ethnochoreological Perspectives on Community-Based Programme Implementation and Sustainability.
Tuesday 24th of November
Session 3
11am Marie Glynn An Exploration of the Experiences of Music Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals of Integrating Music Therapy Services into Organisations for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
11.20am PiuSze Cheung Music and Perinatal Wellbeing: An investigation on the role of music and music therapy in supporting health and wellbeing during the perinatal period.
11.40am Sophie Lee An Investigation into the Effect of Group Singing and Group Drumming on the Wellbeing and Cognition of Persons with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Carers.
12noon Katie Fitzpatrick A mixed methods exploration of the use of individual and group music therapy for adults with chronic pain.
Tuesday 24th of November
Session 4
2pm Claire Watts An Exploration of New Creative Processes and the Reshaping of Songwriting Practice.
2.20pm Cormac Byrne Composition, Improvisation, Collaboration: Navigating Creative Bodhrán Performance.
2.40pm Niamh O’Brien What Lies Beneath the Tide: Sonic Deep Mapping and The Shannon.
3pm Eugene Murphy Unravelling the Frontiers of Artistic Collaboration: An Intra-/Inter-Disciplinary Exploration of Indeterminancy in Composition.
Wednesday 25th of November
Session 5
9am Anthony Cahill Caoineadh nó Ceiliúradh? Examining the Values of Song-Based Slow Airs Held by Irish Traditional Musicians.
9.20am Fiana Ni Chonail How do Small and Medium Traditional Irish Music Festivals Act as a Catalyst for Tourism in Rural Areas?
10am Kara O’Brien May She Live to Run Again: Perceptions of Gender and Class in Irish Traditional Hunting Songs Through the Long 19th Century to the Present.
Wednesday 25th of November
Session 6
11am Avril McLoughlin Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: teaching music theory to Irish traditional musicians.
11.20am Boris Hunka Can duo musical improvisation be positively enhanced by practices developed to foster relational connection in talk therapies?
11.40am Colm Kelly Musical Identity: Examining the formation and development of the identity of musicians from a social identity perspective.
Wednesday 25th of November
Session 7
2pm Chelsea Zimmerman An Exploration of the Social, Technological, and Artistic Context of Irish Music in Early 20th Century New York City
2.20pm Pamela Cotter An Examination of Festivity and the Traditional Arts in Contemporary Practice.
2.40pm Caoimhe Ryan The Role of Notation in the Performance of Classical Music within a Contemporary Context – an ethnographic approach
3pm Clare Egan The Art of Phrasing – An Arts Practice examination in traditional Irish Violin Performance.
Thursday 26th of November
Session 8
9am Phoebe Brown The Potential for Perceptible Process: An Exploration of the Interconnections between Differential Equations (Des) and Contemporary Dance Choreography.
9.20am Kelsey Schuhle Decluttering the Dance: An Exploration of the Choreographic Process.
9.40am Sean MacLeod An arts practice investigation of neo-liberal ideologies in relation to music, performance and the arts through an exploration of a ‘threefold social organism’ and the relation to the individual and community.
Thursday 26th of November
Session 9
11am Simeon Smith An arts practice investigation concerning the effects of regular community music workshops on the educational attainment of primary school children in inner city Dublin.
11.20am Iarla O’Lionard Aphelion: A Performative Investigation at the Far Borders of Irish Music
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November 23, 2020 at 9:00 am
November 26, 2020 at 5:00 pm