MA Composition and Creative Music Practice

The MA Composition and Creative Music Practice is a one-year, full-time postgraduate programme for composers, sound artists, improvisers and performers from all music traditions who wish to develop their own individual artistic practice and explore cross-genre, cross-arts and cross-cultural creativity.

Students create acoustic and/or electronic music through an inclusive range of composition, improvisation and performance practices. Embracing diverse, local and global music traditions and practices, the programme welcomes students from all music traditions (folk, traditional, popular, world, classical) and sound art practices, working with and/or without music notation.

The MA Composition and Creative Music Practice is ideal for creative musicians who wish to work within a particular tradition and/or at the intersections of Irish traditional music, classical music, ‘new’ and experimental music, sound art, popular music and world musics.

Prof. Dan Trueman (Princeton University) describes the MA Composition and Creative Music Practice as ‘an exciting and inclusive new program, one whose unique placement within the broader Academy should invite students to explore a range of connections across genres and cultures that is difficult, even impossible, otherwise’. The MA Composition and Creative Music Practice will ‘be a draw to classically trained composers who are interested in venturing into music outside of the typical “composer” canon, and also to musicians from traditional and other non-classical (and non-Irish) traditions with ambitions to dig into more compositional approaches and techniques; I know of no other program with quite that combination.’


Programme of Study


MD6231: Workshop in Creative Music Practice

MD6241: Peer Forum 1

MD6271: Composing Traditions Seminar

Select From Creative Pathways 1 Modules

MD6091: Professional Development for the Performing Arts


MD6212: Inter-Arts Music Making

MD6222: Peer Forum 2

Select From Creative Pathways 2 Modules

MD6062: Critical Contexts of Arts Management and Cultural Policy



MD5522: Final Project




Course Director: Dr Eoin Callery


Entrance Requirements:

A primary degree with first or second class honours


an approved equivalent qualification


an equivalent capability based on prior professional experience.



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“The MA in Composition and Creative Music Practice gave me the opportunity to explore so many different approaches to creating music. It has opened our eyes and ears, both as composers, and musicians, to a new way of thinking about sound and our creative process. I particularly enjoyed the interdisciplinary approach to composition, which has led to the development of a varied and authentic portfolio of work from. I felt creatively ‘stuck’ for years until I completed this masters, and I am blown away by how much I have learnt in just one year and grown as a composer.”
Cathy Purcell, Graduate.
“One of the most valuable things about this MA programme is that it opens its doors to creatives who deal with music/sound in any way imaginable, without attempting to force anyone into some predefined molds or to focus on a particular way of composing/creating music. It welcomed me letting me use any creative/music composing approach or tool of my choice. In this process I not only uncovered more ways of using this approach/tool, but I also dared look beyond them, and even search for the ways they can be intertwined with approaches/tools from other disciplines –  creative/music-related and more.”
Jelena Perisic, Graduate.
“The MA in Composition and Creative Music Practice introduced me to exciting contemporary methods in New Music and evolved my arts practice significantly.” Craig Cox, Graduate.


Applicants wishing to discuss detailed elements of the programme may contact the course director:

Dr Eoin Callery
Course Director
MA Composition and Creative Music Practice
Room No: IW2.20
Irish World Academy of Music and Dance,
University of Limerick,
Limerick, +353-61-20 202958
fax: +353-61- 202958