PhD Research

The Irish World Academy is a major international centre for PhD and Masters research across a broad range of academic disciplines, focusing on music and dance, but not exclusively so.  Research students work with supervisors across the Academy – at times, supervisory input from across the University and wider afield is sought.  There are currently over 60 research students at the Academy and the majority of those are undertaking PhDs with traditional outputs (i.e. a thesis).  The Academy provides a comprehensive support infrastructure for research students, including;

  • A desk in a dedicated research area
  • Access to Tower and Logos seminars and other research focused events and classes
  • Funding opportunities
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Performance opportunties
  • Financial support for conferences

These are provided in addition to the many supports and opportunities for professional development offered by the University of Limerick through the Graduate School and other offices.

Applications for research degrees are usually developed with a potential supervisor who is an member of academic faculty. If an applicant has a research proposal but is unsure who would be best positioned to supervise their research they should email Dr Jenny Roche (  The Director will distribute this to all faculty and ask faculty to respond if they are interested in developing the proposal.
When an applicant and potential supervisor have prepared a full application they submit to the Academy Research Panel (RAP).  The applicant will make a short presentation regarding their research to RAP, which meets at the end of every month.  This presentation can be done remotely through video-conferencing if necessary.  The full application will be comprised of the application form and all associated materials (transcripts, references etc.) and a text containing the following sections:
1) Aims
2) Objectives
3) Research Methodology
4) Project Description
Further details on the general University of Limerick application process are available here.