Professional Master of Education Music

The Professional Master of Education (Music) is a two-year, full-time, initial teacher education programme specially designed to meet the needs of graduates who wish to become teachers of music in secondary schools. Applicants must possess a level 8 honours degree (NQAI) which is recognised by the Teaching Council for eligibility to teach the subject music. This course will prepare you to teach music in innovative and creative ways and will introduce you to research in music education. Successful completion of an interview is a requirement. This course is run in conjunction with the Department of Education and Professional Studies.

Programme of Study

The Professional Master of Education (Music) programme is offered over four, thirteen week semesters, which take place within two academic years.

Semester 1

EN6151 Becoming a Teacher: Identity and Agency

EN6271 Understanding Learning and Development: Psychological Perspectives

EN6171 Planning for School Placement

MU6091 Music Pedagogy 1

MU6101 Music Pedagogy 2

Semester 2

MU6042 Music Pedagogy 3

MU 6052 Music Pedagogy 4

EN6242 Diversity of learning: SEN and Inclusive Teaching

EN6182 School Placement 1

Semester 3

EN6203 Teacher as Researcher 1

EN6213 School Placement 2

Semester 4

MU6024 Music Pedagogy 5

MU6014 Music Education Independent Study

EN6134 Curriculum and Professional Agency

EN6154 History, Policy and Contemporary Issues in Education

EN6204 Teacher as Researcher 2

EN6144 Sociology Perspectives on Diversity and Social Justice in Schools

Course assessment is based on school placement, research portfolio, continuous assessment and semester assignments/examinations.


Entrance Requirements:

2.2 Honours (Level 8 – National Qualifications Authority of Ireland)

Primary degree  in Music or Primary degree in Arts with Music as a major subject.

A satisfactory performance at interview. (The interview will include an audition and skills test).

Garda Clearance is a requirement for this programme.



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“I graduated from the BA Irish Music & Dance course at the University of Limerick in 2015, after which I stayed on at UL to complete my PME (Music). The PME (Music) is run by the School of Education, in conjunction with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. The PME(Music) provided me not only with the opportunity to gain the necessary and essential practical skills and theoretical knowledge to become a teacher, but also the chance to enhance my musicianship skills – something that I consider to be invaluable in equipping me for a career as a secondary music teacher.
Throughout the PME (Music) I particularly enjoyed the Educational Psychology modules, through which we examined how social interactions, as well as one’s environment, can influence how one learns and constructs knowledge. Another aspect of the PME(Music) which was very formative (and extremely fun) was the opportunity to complete the Music Education Independent Study module, for which I choose to focus on DADGAD traditional guitar.
Since completing the PME (Music), I have been lucky enough to gain ample experience as both a teacher and a performing musician. I am currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, where I have a permanent music teaching job at a High School. Glasgow is an exciting hub for traditional and folk music, and since moving here I have carried on performing by attending various public traditional music sessions throughout the city. Last May 2019, I also had the opportunity to travel to Germany and carry out a number of gigs with a few friends. One other interesting activity I have participated in since graduating is a pan-European festival called the ‘European People’s Festival’, in which I had the opportunity to act as co-director of the Irish cultural performances in Latvia, France and Lithuania. I would whole-heartedly recommend the PME (Music) to any aspiring teachers who wish to prepare for life as a secondary music teacher whilst continuing to develop their performance skills.” – Maggie Wallace

“I was thrilled to complete the professional master of education in music in university of Limerick in 2021. It opened up many opportunities for me and most importantly gave me skills to pass down music education in efficient, informed and positive ways. Jean Downey also helped me build the skills to start a choir which I am now leading in a secondary school in London, which is a fantastic opportunity. I cannot recommend the qualification more” – Laila Jedir


Applicants wishing to discuss detailed elements of the programme may contact the course director:

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