Current Postgraduate Research

Katie Baseman – (on leave) A Split Stream: Uncovering the Interfaces between Western Classical and Traditional Irish Flute Playing.  Supervisor: Dr. Niall Keegan.

Anthony Cahill – Caoineadh nó Ceiliúradh? Examining the Values of Song-Based Slow Airs Held by Irish Traditional Musicians. Supervisor: Dr Sandra Joyce.

Pamela Cotter – An Examination of Festivity and the Traditional Arts in Contemporary Practice. Supervisors: Dr. Niamh NicGhabhann and  Dr. Niall Keegan.

Suzanne Chadwick – Contemporary Cultural Influences on Singing and Pedagogy in Ireland and their Impact on the Perception of Adolescent Voice Change. Supervisors: Dr Hannah Fahey and Professor Helen Phelan.

Pui Sze Cheung – Music and Perinatal Wellbeing: An investigation on the role of music and music therapy in supporting health and wellbeing during the perinatal period. Supervisors: Dr Triona McCaffrey  and Dr Sylvia Murphy Tighe. 

Katie Fitzpatrick – A mixed methods exploration of the use of individual and group music therapy for adults with chronic pain. Supervisors: Dr Hilary Moss and Professor Dominic Harmon.

Marie Glynn – An Exploration of the Experiences of Music Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals of Integrating Music Therapy Services into Organisations for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Supervisors: Dr. Triona McCaffrey  and Dr Alison Ledger (University of Leeds).

Liz Helitzer – Singing on social prescription: An investigation of singing for health and wellbeing in Ireland. Supervisor: Dr Hilary Moss.

Boris Hunka – Can duo musical improvisation be positively enhanced by practices developed to foster relational connection in talk therapies? Supervisors Professor Orla Muldoon and Dr. Niall Keegan.

Colm Kelly – Harmonising Identities: Bridging musical genre through personal narratives. Supervisors: Dr Sandra Joyce and Dr Eleanor Giraud.

Lisa Kelly – Music therapy in Rural and Remote Settings: The Development and Evaluation of Telehealth Music Therapy Services for People Living with Dementia and their Family Carer(s). Supervisors: Dr. Hilary Moss  and Professor Ita Richardson.

Svend Kjeldsen (on leave) Mancunian Irish: Musical Practices, Diasporic Identities and Resonifications. Supervisor: Dr Aileen Dillane.

Avril McLoughlin – Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: teaching music theory to Irish traditional musicians. Supervisors: Dr. Niall Keegan and Dr Sandra Joyce.

Fiana Ní Chonaill – How do Small and Medium Traditional Irish Music Festivals Act as a Catalyst for Tourism in Rural Areas?  Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Joyce and Dr Felicity Kelliher.

Róisín Ní Ghallóglaigh – The Communication of Erotic Metaphor in two Irish Language Songs; An Binsín Luachra & An tSeanbhean Bhocht.  Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Joyce and Dr. Niall Keegan.

Caoimhe Ní Riain –The Role of Notation in the Performance of Classical Music within a Contemporary Context – an ethnographic approach, supervisors: Dr. Niall Keegan and Dr. Eleanor Giraud.

Kara O’Brien – May She Live to Run Again: Perceptions of Gender and Class in Irish Traditional Hunting Songs Through the Long 19th Century to the Present. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Joyce and Dr. Karol Mullaney-Dignam

Morgan Senter – Irish Set Dancing for Parkinson’s Disease: Ethnochoreological Perspectives on Community-Based Programme Implementation and Sustainability. Supervisors: Dr. Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain and Dr. Amanda Clifford.

Chelsey Zimmerman – An Exploration of the Social, Technological, and Artistic Context of Irish Music in Early 20th Century New York City.  Supervisor: Dr Niall Keegan

Janine Magnin – Locating Vocal Agency: Investigating Adolescent Girls’ Experiences within Singing Lessons.  Supervisors: Dr Hannah Fahey and Dr Sandra Joyce

Marianna Panourgia – An Ethnochoreological Investigation of Cultural Traits and Oral Traditions of Contemporary Dance Transmission withing Higher Education in Greece.  Supervisor: Dr Jenny Roche.

Charlotte O’Donoghue – An Ethnographic Study Mapping Youth Orchestra Participation in Ireland: Education, Community and Wellbeing.  Supervisors: Dr Kathleen Turner and Dr Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain.


PhD Arts Practice

Olivia Barry –  Exploring Creative Processes in Contemporary English Country Dance Choreography. Supervisors: Dr. Jenny Roche and Dr. Colin Quigley.

Kelly Boyle – Developing Creative Practice in the Teaching and Performing of Javanese Gamelan Music. Supervisor: Professor Mel Mercier.

Phoebe Brown – The Potential for Perceptible Process: An Exploration of the Interconnections between Differential Equations (Des) and Contemporary Dance Choreography. Supervisors: Dr. Jenny Roche and Dr. Grant McLay.

Cormac Byrne – Composition, Improvisation, Collaboration: Navigating Creative Bodhrán Performance. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Joyce and Professor Mel Mercier.

Claire Egan – The Art of Phrasing – An Arts Practice examination in traditional Irish Violin Performance.  Supervisor: Dr. Niall Keegan.

Carrie Erving – Artistic Alchemy: Finding a Voice of One’s Own.  Supervisor: Dr Sandra Joyce.

Bianca Figl – Translating Heritage through Movement Practice. Supervisors: Dr Jenny Roche and Professor Mel Mercier.

Bart Kiely – (on leave) Research and Development of this Human Drum Machine.  Supervisors: Dr. Niall Keegan and  Professor Mel Mercier.

Maria Kerin –  (on leave) Framing the ephemeral: To create and develop production models and performance contexts through my recursive curatorial process that would support and sustain my body based arts practice and that of other artists whose practice is strongly informed by Somatic principles. Supervisors: Dr. Helen Phelan and  Dr. Jenny Roche.

Eugene Murphy – Unravelling the Frontiers of Artistic Collaboration: An Intra-/Inter-Disciplinary Exploration of Indeterminancy in Composition.  Supervisor: Dr. Óscar Mascareñas.

Sean MacLeod – An arts practice investigation of neo-liberal ideologies in relation to music, performance and the arts through an exploration of a ‘threefold social organism’ and the relation to the individual and community.  Supervisors: Dr. Kathleen Turner and Dr. Niall Keegan

Kevin McNally – The production of place through cross cultural music-making. Supervisor: Professor Mel Mercier.

John Nutekpor -An Arts Practice Exploration of Ghanaian-Irish Cultural Dialogue,  through Music and Dance Pedagogy, Curation and Performance. Supervisors: Professor Helen Phelan and Professor Mel Mercier.

Niamh O’Brien – What Lies Beneath the Tide: Sonic Deep Mapping and The Shannon Estuary. Supervisor: Professor Mel Mercier.

Iarla O Lionaird – Aphelion: A Performative Investigation at the Far Borders of Irish Music Supervisor: Dr Aileen Dillane.

Siobhán Manson – Dancing the Feminist: A Study of Women in Irish Step Dance since 1901. Supervisors: Dr Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain and Dr Breandán de Gallaí.

Nahelli Alejandra Chavoya Peña – Imagination as a locus for self-expression in Irish Dance. Supervisor:Dr Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain.

Miriam Phillips – Opening Up the Dance: Widening the Scope of Contemporary Dance Choreography through an Ethnochoreological Perspective.  Supervisors: Dr. Colin Quigley and Dr. Jenny Roche.

JJ Riordan – Orchestrating the Sonic Banal: Utilising Computer Based Digital Audio Workstations (D.A.W.s) to Manipulate the Sounds of Everyday Objects, Places and Spaces to Compose Musical Works. Supervisor: Professor Mel Mercier.

Stephen Ryan – Articulating the Fluid Identity of the Songwriting Community Musician in the Field: An Auto-Ethnographic Interrogation of Creative Self-Expression and Self-Preservation. Supervisors: Dr. Kathleen Turner and Dr. Aileen Dillane.

Kelsey Schuhle – Decluttering the Dance: An Exploration of the Choreographic Process. Supervisors: Dr. Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain and Dr. Mats Melin.

Simeon Smith – An arts practice investigation concerning the effects of regular community music workshops on the educational attainment of primary school children in inner city Dublin.  Supervisor: Professor Helen Phelan.

Roxy Régine Theobald – Floetic Inner Lines: A Cultural Inquiry of a Diaspora Trajectory through Dance Performance. Supervisors: Professor Mel Mercier and Dr. Jenny Roche

Claire Watts –  An Exploration of New Creative Processes and the Reshaping of Songwriting Practice.
Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Joyce and Carl Corcoran.
Ewa Zak-Dyndal – An arts practice investigation of Polish ritual song traditions in contemporary Poland and the Irish Polish diaspora through the practice of a Polish ritual singer. Supervisor: Professor Helen Phelan.
Hains Tooming – An Arts Practice investigation into the impact of the Dalcroze method on the well being of classical musicians.  Supervisors: Dr Diane Daly and Dr Hilary Moss.
Anna Gioria – An investigation of the role of imagination within Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and its impact on sound production from the perspective of a string player.  Supervisors: Dr Diane Daly and Professor Mel Mercier.
Maziar Kanani – An Arts Practice Investigation of Inter-Disciplinary Improvisation: A Performative Case Study anchored in Iranian Classical Music.  Supervisors: Dr Oscar Mascarenas and Professor Helen Phelan.
David Gutierrez – Crafting connections between Andean Music and Traditional Irish Music: A Practical, Theoretical and Creative look to the search for Cultural Bridges through Arts Practice.  Supervisors: Professor Mel Mercier and Dr Oscar Mascarenas.
Naomi Sander – An Arts Practice investigation into the Impact of Dalcroze eurythmics on Preparedness in the Professional Life of a Classical Violinist.  Supervisors: Dr Diane Daly and Professor Helen Phelan.
Ala Buisir – Challenging Stereotypical Representations of Muslim women through Arts Practice.  Supervisors: Dr James Carr and Professor Helen Phelan
Master of Arts by Research

Liz Roche – Positions and Perspectives: Developing an Integrated Choreographer-Dancer Artistic Practice. Supervisor: Professor Mel Mercier.

Mathuriga Thevapalan –  COMET – A Critical Study of a Karnatak Music Transmission.  Supervisor: Professor Mel Mercier.