NAFCO 2021 Resources


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NAFCo 2021 will leave a legacy of resources that will be pedagogical tools for students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels both locally and nationally.  These will be added to and developed over the coming weeks.  The Primary resources will be made up of songs commissioned from Ceol Connected.  Secondary resources will consist of resources aimed at supporting the traditional music aspects of the music curriculum.  Tertiary resources will consist of presentations and resources presented at the NAFCo 2021 .

Primary Resources:

WUNDEGROUND is Ceol Connected’s newest gig theatre co-production for young audiences with the National Concert Hall. Commissioned by Pavilion Theatre and funded by the Arts Council.  We are delighted to share a little insight into the show as part of NAFCo 2021!

Far beneath the big oak tree, another world awaits. 

It’s the Wunderground, and a new night has just begun.  Badger has woken up from his slumber, and is about to go on his usual rounds.  Rabbit has returned from her daily adventures to the Woverground.

WUNDEGROUND is Ceol Connected’s newest gig theatre production for young audiences (ages 3+).  We are delighted to share a little insight into the show as part of NAFCo 2021!

WUNDERGROUND live show aligns with Ceol Connected’s vision of engaging young audiences with high quality, innovative, and meaningful experiences of the traditional arts.  To this end, the live show features a lineup of highly respected musicians including Áine McGeeney (fiddle/vocals), Thomas Johnston (whistles/vocals), and Stephen Markham (keyboard/sound design) alongside puppeteer Thomas Baker.

During WUNDERGROUND, children and their adults are invited on a highly participatory musical adventure where they are encouraged to experience a sense of curiosity, wonder, and enchantment with the world beneath our feet.

(i) Ceol Connected presents ‘Life Can Be’ from WUNDERGROUND:


(ii) Ceol Connected presents ‘An broc a bhíonn siúlac’ from WUNDERGROUND:


For more info on WUNDERGROUND and Ceol Connected’s work visit and follow @ceolconnected on social media

Secondary Resources:
Tertiary Resources: