Samhain Presentations of Research
Monday 1st of November 2021

Session 1

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2pm  Bianca Figl

Title: Translating Heritage through Movement Practice. Supervisors: Dr Jenny Roche and Prof Mel Mercier

2.20pm Kevin McNally

Title: The Production of Place through Cross Cultural Music-Making. Supervisor: Prof Mel Mercier

2.40pm Mathuriga Thevapalan

Title: COMET – A Critical Study of a Karnāṭak Music Transmission. Supervisor: Prof Mel Mercier

3pm Niamh O’Brien

Title: What Lies Beneath the Tide: Sonic Deep Mapping and The Shannon Estuary. Supervisor: Prof Mel Mercier

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Session 2

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9.20am Caoimhe Ryan

Title: The Role of Notation in the Performance of Classical Music within a Contemporary Context – An Ethnographic Approach. Supervisors: Dr Niall Keegan and Dr Eleanor Giraud

9.40am Boris Hunka

Title: Can Duo Musical Improvisation be Positively Enhanced by Practices Developed to Foster Relational Connection in Talk Therapies? Supervisor: Dr Niall Keegan

Session 3

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11am  Cormac Byrne

Title: Composition, Improvisation, Collaboration: Navigating Creative Bodhrán Performance. Supervisors: Dr Sandra Joyce and Prof Mel Mercier

11.20am Claire Watts

Title: An Exploration of New Creative Processes and the Reshaping of Songwriting Practice. Supervisors: Dr Sandra Joyce and Carl Corcoran

11.40am Kara O’Brien

Title: May She Live to Run Again: Perceptions of Gender and Class in Irish Traditional Hunting Songs Through the Long 19th Century to the Present. Supervisors: Dr Sandra Joyce and Dr Karol Mullaney-Dignam

12noon Pamela Cotter

Title: An Examination of Festivity and the Traditional Arts in Contemporary Practice. Supervisor: Dr Niall Keegan

Session 4

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2pm Anthony Cahill

Title: Caoineadh nó Ceiliúradh? Examining the Values of Song-Based Slow Airs Held by Irish Traditional Musicians. Supervisor: Dr Sandra Joyce

2.20pm Colm Kelly

Title: Musical Identity: Examining the Formation and Development of the Identity of Musicians from a Social Identity Perspective. Supervisors: Dr Sandra Joyce and Dr Eleanor Giraud.

2.40pm Kara Mathhias

Title: TBC Supervisor: Dr Sandra Joyce

3pm Chelsey Zimmerman

Title: An Exploration of the Social, Technological, and Artistic Context of Irish Music in Early 20th Century New York City. Supervisor: Dr Niall Keegan

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Session 5

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10.40am Miriam Philips

Title: Opening Up the Dance: Widening the Scope of Contemporary Dance Choreography through an Ethnochoreological Perspective. Supervisors: Dr Colin Quigley and Dr Jenny Roche

11am Ewa Zak-Dyndal

Title: An Arts Practice Investigation of Polish Ritual Song Traditions in Contemporary Poland and the Irish Polish Diaspora through the Practice of a Polish Ritual Singer. Supervisor: Prof Helen Phelan

11.20am Suzanne Chadwick

Title: Contemporary Cultural Influences on Singing and Pedagogy in Ireland and their Impact on the Perception of Adolescent Voice Change. Supervisors: Dr Hannah Fahey and Prof Helen Phelan

11.40am Olivia Barry

Title: Exploring Creative Processes in Contemporary English Country Dance Choreography. Supervisors: Dr Jenny Roche and Dr Colin Quigley

Session 6

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2pm Sean McLeod

Title: An Arts Practice Investigation of Neo-Liberal Ideologies in Relation to Music, Performance and the Arts through an Exploration of a ‘Threefold Social Organism’ and the Relation to the Individual and Community. Supervisors: Dr Kathleen Turner and Dr Niall Keegan

2.20pm Stephen Ryan

Title: Articulating the Fluid Identity of the Songwriting Community Musician in the Field: An Auto-Ethnographic Interrogation of Creative Self-Expression and Self-Preservation. Supervisors: Dr Kathleen Turner and Dr Aileen Dillane

2.40pm Carrie Erving

Title: Artistic Alchemy: Finding a Voice of One’s Own. Supervisor: Dr Sandra Joyce

3pm Phoebe Brown

Title: The Potential for Perceptible Process: An Exploration of the Interconnections between Differential Equations (Des) and Contemporary Dance Choreography. Supervisor: Dr Jenny Roche and Dr Grant McLay

Thursday 4th of November 2021

Session 7

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9am Maire Glynn

Title: An Exploration of the Experiences of Music Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals of Integrating Music Therapy Services into Organisations for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Supervisor: Dr Triona McCaffrey

9.20am Pui Sze Cheung

Title: Music and Perinatal Wellbeing: An Investigation on the Role of Music and Music Therapy in Supporting Health and Wellbeing during the Perinatal Period. Supervisors: Dr Triona McCaffrey and Dr Sylvia Murphy Tighe

9.40am John Nutekpor

Title: An Arts Practice Exploration of Ghanaian-Irish Cultural Dialogue,  through Music and Dance Pedagogy, Curation and Performance. Supervisor: Prof Helen Phelan

10am Simeon Smith

Title: An Arts Practice Investigation Concerning the Effects of Regular Community Music Workshops on the Educational Attainment of Primary School Children in Inner City Dublin. Supervisor: Prof Helen Phelan

Session 8

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11am Kelsey Schule

Title: Decluttering the Dance: An Exploration of the Choreographic Process. Supervisors: Dr Orfhalith Ní Bhriain

11.20am Siobhan Manson

Title: Dancing the Feminist: A Study of Women in Irish Step Dance since 1901. Supervisors:Dr Breandán de Gallaí and Dr Orflaith Ní Bhriain

11.40am Nahelli Chavoya

Title: Imagination as a Locus for Self-Expression in Irish Dance. Supervisors: Dr Orfhalith Ní Bhriain and Dr Oscar Manscarenas

12noon Morgan Senter

Title: Irish Set Dancing for Parkinson’s Disease: Ethnochoreological Perspectives on Community-Based Programme Implementation and Sustainability. Supervisors: Dr Orfhalith Ní Bhriain and Dr Amanda Clifford

Session 9

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2pm Katie Fitzpatrick

Title: A Mixed Methods Exploration of the use of Individual and Group Music Therapy for Adults with Chronic Pain. Supervisor: Dr Hilary Moss

2.20pm Lisa Kelly

Title: Music therapy in Rural and Remote Settings: The Development and Evaluation of Telehealth Music Therapy Services for People Living with Dementia and their Family Carer(s). Supervisor: Dr Hilary Moss

2.40pm  Jeremiah Riordan

Title: Orchestrating the Sonic Banal: Utilising Computer Based Digital Audio Workstations (D.A.W.s) to Manipulate the Sounds of Everyday Objects, Places and Spaces to Compose Musical Works. Supervisor: Prof Mel Mercier

3pm Roxy Regine Theobald

Title: Floetic Inner Lines: A Cultural Inquiry of a Diaspora Trajectory through Dance Performance. Supervisors: Dr Jenny Roche and Prof Mel Mercier