Traditional Song as Cultural Heritage Research Cluster
As I Roved Out: Traditional Song Conference June 2022


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As I Roved Out: Songs, Singers and Collectors of Britain, Ireland and Beyond. 

Traditional Song Conference

3rd – 5th June 2022

Venue – Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick)

 Jointly organised by The Traditional Song Forum &

 The Traditional Song as Cultural Heritage Research Cluster


Traditional song has been one of the core activities of the Irish World Academy since its inception.  Song scholars/performers engaged in research at the Academy have been presenting papers at local and international symposia and conferences for some years and from these roots the research cluster TradSong has formed.  Launched at a special song symposium in October 2015, TradSong reflects the traditional song interests of staff and students at the Academy.  Grounded in academia the cluster is focused on performance, preservation and transmission of traditional song in Ireland.

TradSong’s mission is to provide a forum for sharing expertise on Irish traditional song and related areas.  With performance at the heart of our scholarship we engage with Irish song communities and academics through meetings, symposia, performances and conferences.  There will be an emphasis on producing publications and other events that embrace the wider Irish traditional song community as well as international scholars.  While our current focus is on the Irish and related song traditions, we warmly welcome any scholar who has an interest in our events.



Tradsong Spring and Summer 2019 Bulletin

We’ve had a busy semester. Take a look at some of the things TradSong scholars have been up to—

Dr. Sandra Joyce and Dr. Eamonn Costello published a chapter in the book: “Irish Traditional Song: Style, Practice, Context” in the upcoming book So You Want to Sing World Music: A Guide for Performers Ed, Matthew Hoch. The book is due to be released in November of 2019.

Dr. Eamonn Costello also has a new journal article in the journal Éire/Ireland: A journal of the Irish American Cultural Institute, Spring/Summer 2019 Vol 54: 1 and 2. The article is titled: “Oireachtas na Gaeilge and Sean-nós Song Competition, 1940-2012: Regionalism, Nationalism, and Gaelicness”, Guest Editors Verena Commins and Méabh Ní Fhuartháin.

Dr. Costello also presented a paper on the early Oireachtas (1897-1924) at the 11th Percy French Festival, “Taking French Leave”—Leaving in Irish Culture, Politics and History, 10-12th July, and another at the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures Conference 2019, 22-26 July.

Dr. Mary McLaughlin published an article in Religions 2019, 10(4), 235; Mc Laughlin, M. 2019 Keening the Dead: Ancient History or a Ritual for Today?
Religions 2019, 10(4), 235; The article is available from the UL repository:

Dr. Carrie Dike is happy to announce that she has accepted two new lecture positions, one at Rio Hondo College and another at Chapman University. She will also continue to lecture at Moorpark College.

TradSong Scholar Róisín Ní Ghallóglaigh has published a chapter on Meath Songs in book that was launched at the Leinster Fleadh. Ferguson, Pearse, and Antóin Mac Gabhann. Traditional music and song in County Meath. Meath: Fleadh Laighean 2019, 2019. xiv+309 pp. ISBN 9781527243583 (hbk).

TradSong Scholar Kara O’Brien published four articles for RTÉ’s Brainstorm, relating to traditional song and the modern music industry.

“Who are Live Nation, the company now behind the Electric Picnic?” Thursday, 29 Aug 2019

“Where did all the Lizzo tickets go?” Monday, 15 Jul 2019

“Why is Taylor Swift fuming about her old record label?” Monday, 8 Jul 2019

“Ireland’s Favourite Folk Song: why folks songs endure” Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Current Cluster Members
Sandra Joyce
Felix Morgenstern
Éamonn Costello
Róisín Ní Ghallóglaigh
Ciara Thompson
Kara O’Brien
Mary Mclaughlin
Carrie Dike