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Aims & Scope

Inbhear is an annual, multi-disciplinary publication from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance concerned with the performance practices of music and dance in Ireland, currently and historically. The focus of the journal will predominantly be those unique to this island, but not exclusively so. The journal will draw from a wide variety of academic disciplines including ethnomusicology, ethnochoreology, popular music and dance studies, historical musicology, Irish studies, cultural studies, performance studies and ritual studies among many others. Although it is envisaged that the journal will have an inclusive view of the disciplines of Irish music and dance it is expected that the concentration of material presented will be concerned with traditional arts practice.

Apart from the initial issue the journal will be open to all for submissions. Issue one will comprise of five invited submissions and a call for papers for further issues. The journal will contain article and review sections. The review section will concentrate on artistic, academic and ethnographic material. Further issues of the journal will be peer reviewed by an international review panel. The journal will be an open source e-journal (ie. free on the internet). It will be housed on the University of Limerick web-site but linked from the domain www.inbhear.ie. Papers are to be published on the website in .html and .pdf formats where appropriate. Media (audio, video) and links can be presented in the .html format which will not appear in the .pdf format.

Provision is made for special issues, reflective of other related research disciplines. In this eventuality separate editorial and review boards will be created, under the guest editorship of a relevant member of faculty at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, who will initiate the special edition. The Editorial Board will give support in issues of style and the ultimate responsibility for the editorial process lies with General Editor.

It is planned that this journal will eventually be bilingual, including both an Irish and English language edition that will contain the same content translated into the two languages. Submissions will be accepted in English and encouraged in Irish.

It is envisaged that after the establishment of the journal a publisher will be sought to produce a version of the journal in hard copy.