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Editorial Board

An Editorial Board will be made up of members of faculty and researchers from the Irish World  Academy of Music and Dance whose areas of specialization are  concerned with traditional music and dance.  Special issues will have their own Editorial Board.  The Editorial Board will be responsible for the first level of selection of material.  If submissions are refused they will be returned to authors with a rationale for this outcome.  If material is seen to be of relevance and quality to be acceptable (or thought that they may be so) a member of the review panel will be selected by the Editorial Board to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the material.  The Editorial Board will agree deadlines and have the final say over the inclusion or non-inclusion of material.   

Within that board, key positions will be:

  • The General Editor (or issue general editor for special issues) will chair the Editorial Board, call meetings of the board and be responsible for the meeting of deadlines and the ultimate presentation of the journal.
  • The Journal Secretary will provide support to the general editor, prepare materials in an agreed format and style for the Editorial Board and be the point of contact for submissions and communication with authors.
  • The Technical Editor will be responsible for website design, graphic design, maintenance and presentation.
  • The Irish Language Editor (If Inbhear goes bilingual) is responsible for the co-ordination of the generation of translated material and it’s presentation in the journal style.

These four positions will be appointed by the Editorial Board, but not necessarily from the board, on an annual basis.  It is envisaged that the Journal Secretary, the Technical Editor and the Irish Language Editor will receive payment for their work.


2012 Editorial Board:

  • Dr. Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain (General Editor)
  • Dr. Aileen Dillane
  • Dr. Catherine E. Foley
  • Dr. Sandra Joyce
  • Colin Quigley
  • Mats Melin
  • Prof. Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin
  • Michael McCabe (Technical Editor)


Review Board

The Review Board is to be made up of experts in the field of traditional music and dance studies and related areas.  Individual members of the Review Board will be selected by the editorial board to give a comprehensive view as to the suitability and quality of submissions.  They may return, along with a rationale of no more than one page in length, one of three recommendations: 

  1. To accept the submission with or without minor corrections (ie. small spelling or grammar mistakes)
  2. To accept the submission with more major revisions concerning content or structure.
  3. To refuse the submission for inclusion to the journal

Ordinarily, the editors will forward the referees’ evaluations (anonymously) along with their decisions. Authors of articles may suggest names of appropriate (and inappropriate) referees.