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Author Guidelines

Article manuscripts should be submitted to the General Editor. Articles and all material related to articles, a brief biographical data sheet, and an abstract of no more than 100 words should be submitted electronically.  Authors must obtain in writing all permissions for the publication of material under copyright and submit a copy of the permissions file when the electronic manuscript is first sent to the editor. Authors hold the editors, the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and the University of Limerick harmless against copyright claims.

All tables and figures, maps, photographs, musical examples and other illustrative material should have captions and should be presented in individual separate files with notations made as to their location in the manuscript file. Each should be mentioned in the body of the text.

References cited are carried within the text, e.g., (Rhodes 1955:262), and should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet alphabetically by author and chronologically for each author. Fig. 16.2, p. 648, of the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993) will serve as a model.

Acknowledgments are to be presented in a separate paragraph, thusly labelled, at the end of the text, preceding endnotes. Authors who welcome correspondence are encouraged to give their email addresses.

Manuscripts submitted to Inbhear should not have been published elsewhere nor should they simultaneously be under review or scheduled for publication in another journal or in a book. Further, if an author submits a paper to Inbhear that is based on material closely related to that in other published or submitted papers or books, the author should explain the relationships among them, in a cover letter to the General Editor.

Manuscripts must be in English or Irish and observe US, UK or Irish conventions of usage, spelling, and punctuation. This journal maintains the principles of gender-neutral discourse and the editors thus request authors and reviewers to adhere to these practices. A set of guidelines developed by the Society for Music Theory (SMT) has been adopted by Inbhear and can be found on the SMT website.

Book, record, and film reviews ordinarily are solicited by the general editor (after consultation with the editorial board) from whom authors will receive instructions. Authors should work footnotes into the body of the review and limit references cited.

Articles and reviews are accepted for publication subject to editing for style. Authors of articles will have an opportunity to make final changes after copyediting and to correct technical editor’s errors in page proof.