“Geographies of Movement”

J'aime Morrison-Petronio

Roads have always held a particular fascination for me.  Perhaps it is because they hold the promise of movement, travel and escape. Certain roads remain embedded in my memory: the roads off the bluffs of Santa Cruz where I was inspired to choreograph my first dance; Tioga Road in the Sierra Mountains of California where I drove as a 20 year old and watched shooting stars from my VW; and the Wicklow mountain roads I explored as a student hoping to commune with the literary spirits of Samuel Beckett, J. M. Synge and James Joyce.  Roads run deep - they inscribe themselves in us. Roads are invested with historic, economic, political and spiritual significance. They can suggest motion or enact a boundary, provide a connection between distant places, beckon a journey without end or disguise a secret route. This essay considers roads as vital cultural spaces that give rise to scenes of performance and which at times might be seen as performances themselves.



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